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5 Hacks to discover a reasonable Craigslist Posting Service

February 16, 2018

The growth of the internet makes it easier for businesses to market themselves and their brand messages. Craigslist is one of the top classified websites that let users post ads for free, and draw optimal attention to their products, services etc. Many companies are opting for professional US based Craiglist posting service providers to save on the time and hassles associated with ad posting on the platform. Keep in mind that not all of them are quite affordable. Here are 5 ways to find an affordable Craigslist ad posting agency. 

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Look At the Packages

Look at the plans and packages offered by the agency, and be sure that it is an affordable one. Be sure that the company offers multiple packages, including a basic one that is the cheapest but has enough features on offer. A basic plan can be a great way to test a company and its services. If you are satisfied, you can opt for the premium package that offers more features. Compare the basic plans and opt for an agency that has offers the most services at the cheapest rates with its basic package. 

Ask About Discounts

Find out whether the company offers discounts and rebates, and whether you are eligible for such offers. Some agencies have promotional offers for local customers, businesses associated with a humanitarian, socially relevant or charitable cause, ex-military servicemen etc. With discounts, it's possible to reduce your advertising expenses significantly. 

Types of Services Included

Some agencies aren't in reality the cheapest in terms of pricing, but offer a wide range of services in each plan - which makes the packages cost-effective from the advertising perspective. For instance, if a company offers Craigslist poster service along with social media advertising, promotional social post writing, content marketing and website analysis among other services, it is undoubtedly making an attractive offer that can be cost saving for you in the long run.

Pay For Live Ads Only

As you probably know, Craigslist is known for its strict ad posting rules and regulations. It is often that individuals and businesses end up flouting the norms and have their ads ghosted or flagged by the platform. The problem is common with many USA craigslist poster agencies as well, and you end up paying for ads that are not being shown. Thus, it is important to go only for a company that expects you to pay for live ads only, and not flagged or ghosted classifieds on Craigslist. 

Look For an Accredited Agency

Go for only an agency that is accredited, preferably by organizations such as Better Business Bureau (BBB). An accreditation means that the company abides by proper standards and is fair in its practices. Such a company is likely to have a fair pricing policy as well, and you'll be assured that you will not be overcharged for any package that you opt for. Many reputed digital marketing agencies openly flaunt their accreditation on the company website, for the benefit and information of each of their customers. 

How Can A US Based Craigslist Posting Service Benefit A Professional Service Provider?

January 18, 2018

Real estate agents, lawyers, wedding planners, auctioneers, freelance website designers, content writers and graphic designers are just some of few professional service providers that you are bound to come across on Craigslist. These individuals trained in and offering various professional services are primarily on this website to attract clients and increase their income. If you belong to this category of professional service providers on Craigslist; you know all of this, all too well. However, the question you may have or will be asking yourself in the near future is; “How Can a US Based Craigslist Posting Service Benefit a Professional Service Provider?” and this blog aims to answer that question. Listed below are a few brief points on how a US Craigslist poster can help your professional endeavors and get you more clients.

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  • Primarily, A Craigslist posting service will take charge of your entire ad posting needs and free up your time to take care of the clients you already have.
  • These firms offer Craigslist posting with a professional edge so one can expect superior quality ads inclusive of attractive imagery and graphics that captures the attention of your target audience.
  • Regular updates and reports on ads posted and views per ad are likely to give you an accurate idea of the effectiveness of the service you are paying for.
  • Nominal fees based on your ad posting needs ensure that the service is affordable. 

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How Do Craigslist Posting Companies Create Winning Classified Ad Campaigns?

December 12, 2017


One of the major classified websites, Craigslist is a huge platform that is used by millions of buyers, sellers, marketing professionals and business persons. Using this platform can be tough and many agencies have sprung up to help people advertise their brand offerings with powerful classified ads. Craigslist posting agencies consist of experts who are known to create ads that can offer effective results to customers even at low costs. Find out how these agencies create winning ad campaigns for customers on Craigslist and other top classified websites. 

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Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Experts use interesting headlines in each classified post, which attract a sizeable number of users and drive them to your website, blog, products, services etc. The company experts make headlines very attractive, and use relevant keywords for the industry. They introduce creativity into the ads, and boost the number of customers within the shortest possible time. 

Short and Precise Ads

US craigslist poster professionals use short and precise ads, given that few people have the time or inclination to go through big paragraphs of information. Even with short ads, posts are made as informative as possible and can offer the necessary information to clients. 

Frequent Updates

US based Craigslist posting service experts also update classified ads as frequently as possible, which ensure that your ads are not replaced by new classifieds. By posting attractive and new information about your service or product, they can ensure that the ads stay as relevant as possible and continue to get the traffic that your business needs. 


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How Can Craigslist Posting Services Help In Achieving Marketing Goals?

November 24, 2017

There are number of techniques and marketing strategies that business owners come up with in order to make their brand earn visibility and be more popular. It is not always high-paid marketing campaigns that can add to your business popularity, smart business thinking also works. Whether you want to push a new product in the market, reach out to your target audience with your business message or just want to create brand awareness, go for hiring the Craigslist posting service. Some top companies offer the ad poster making services for free, in other words, it is included in that package that you choose for Craigslist posting service. 

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Blanket the Target Market with Flair
In this age where businesses are in a race to topple each other, brands need to think of fresh concepts, new ideas that would attract their target audience. The business owners who want to maximize the reach of their business in distinctive sectors can make a definitive use of the world’s best classified platform, Craigslist. By availing US Craigslist posting services, a brand has a higher potential to cover its audience with ease.

Making a Good Use of the Marketing Mix

Whether it is planning product launch, taking a decision related to pricing, positioning of a brand or drafting effective promotional strategies, using the world renowned classified platform, Craigslist can prove to be effective. So no matter what strategies you are employing for your business promotion, hiring USA Craigslist posting service from a popular network can do the trick for you. So wait for calls pouring in after you hire the services from a top-rated company.

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